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Below you will find a wide array of interesting and educational links that we feel will benefit your understanding and knowledge of your dental health.

Dental Procedures and Topics Links

Taking Care of Your Smile

Do you grind your teeth?
Fluoride: Nature’s Cavity Fighter
Sip and Snack All Day? Risk Decay!
Tooth Decay
Dry Mouth
Tooth Erosion: The Harmful Effects of Acid

Children and Babies

Early Childhood Caries
Baby Teeth
Healthy Smiles for Kids
Mothers and Babies
Thumb Sucking, Finger Sucking and Pacifier Use
Your Child’s First Dental Visit
Your Child’s Teeth Ages 6 to 12
Your Child’s Teeth from Birth to Age 6
Dental Emergencies
Tooth Extraction
Do you have a cracked tooth?
Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD)
What are Wisdom Teeth?
Should You Take Antibiotics Before Your Dental Treatment?
Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body
Tobacco and Oral Health
Do you have sleep apnea?
Diabetes and Your Oral Health
Understanding Your Insurance
Why You Should See Your Dentist
Dental X-Ray Exams

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